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1. OMG! Releases!! Where can I get them??
We release everything on IRC first. The reason is so that we can give priority to people who bother showing up on our channel, helping us serve our release, talking to us or keep us motivated on our projects. The release will usually show up on http and torrents a few days later.

2. Uhhh... Okay, so how do I get your releases off IRC?
Go check out our IRC Guide. Prop to Cori for writing it and did such a wonderful job on it!

3. So when's the next chapter of So-and-so going to be release?
When it's ready. We can't promise a date for any of our releases because all our staff work on this during at their free time away from school, work, or whatever. If we set a date, we'll feel obligated to meet it, and if we don't have the obligation, then there's no point in setting it. So just be patient with us, they're coming!

4. Can I host your releases on another site?
Sure. We're happy that you'll help us host our releases (as long as your site is non-profitable). However, we'll like to ask you to follow the following rules:
a. to delay hosting them 72 hours after our initial release. Again, the reason is that we hope to give priority to people who actually care to come to our channel.
b. Please remove all the releases if and when the series is licensed in North America.

5. Can I translate your releases into other languages?
We are generally very happy that you'll be translating our releases into other languages. However, we would also ask that you talk to us (rather it be me or any of the admins) before you start.
a. Why is that?
Well, in the past, if we release a popular series, there are sometimes more than one group who wish to re-translate it to another language. So generally, I wish to inform you that another group is already on the project. Or if you're the first one to take interest in our project, we would like to know who you are so we can tell the other groups who come after you that you are already on the project.
b. Uhh, okay. Can we get the raw from you to translate into other languages?
No. We assume you are transalting from our releases becase you do not already know the original language. If you do know Japanese (or whatever language raw we used), we hope you would buy the manga and support the mangaka instead.

Any further questions? Come talk to me on IRC, PM me on hte forum, or Email me at

I hope this help! - Floating_Sakura (March 02, 06).

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