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Deep Love ~Reina no Unmei~

Title: Deep Love ~Reina no Unmei~ (ヂイープラブ 〜レイナの運命〜)
Mangaka: YOSHII Yuu (吉井ユウ)

Original: Yoshi
Last updated: May 21, 2007
Status: Completed
Joint with BWYS

Synopsis: The destiny of Reina awaits her, after she is pregnanted with Ayu at the age of 17 as a result of a rape in a karaoke bar. Follow the tragic tale of Deep Love ~Ayu noMonogatari~

Note:This is a sequel to Deep Love ~Ayu no Monogatari~ (completed by Kotonoha), and this is meant to be read concurrent with Deep Love: Host (completed by BWYS). There's also a cute tale of Deep Love: Pao's Tale (by Manga Art).

A little confusing? Here's how it works; read in the following order to follow the chronology of the story:
1. Deep Love ~Ayu no Monogatari~
2. Deep Love: Host volume 1
3. Deep Love ~Reina no Unmei Chapter 1+2
4. Deep Love: Host Volume 2
5. Deep Love ~Reina noUnmei Chapter 3
* Deep Love: Pao's Tale seems to be Ayu no Monogatari on the point of view of Pao. So I guess that can go anywhere after Ayu no Monogatari.

ISBN: 4-06-372121-3
Chapter 1 http downloads
Chapter 2 http downloads
Chapter 3 Released on IRC
*Series Completed*

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