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Toriko ~Aigan Shoujo~

Title: Toriko ~Aigan Shoujo~
Mangaka: Osakabe Mashin
Volumes: 6
Last updated: January 16 2007

Synopsis: Taken place in late meiji restoration, the epic story of a little girl being brought by an aristocrat. He took great care of her, raised her and trained her properly. Only that's not all her wants from her...
Warning: This series contains lots of smuts and underaged rape. It's not recommended to anyone who would be easily offended by such topic or not of legal age in his/her own country.

ISBN: 4-09-135492-0
Chapter 1
(Completed by Luna Chicas)
http download
Chapter 2
(Completed by Luna Chicas)
http download
Chapter 3 http download
Chapter 4 http download
Omake http download
*Volume completed*

ISBN: 4-09-135493-9
Chapter 5 http download
Chapter 6 http download
Chapter 7 http download
Chapter 8 http download
*Volume Completed*

ISBN: 4-09-135494-7
Chapter 9 http download
Chapter 10 http download
Chapter 11 Released on IRC
Chapter 12 Released on IRC

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